Jal Jeera Infused Watermelon Slushy

3 ingredients for this easy peasy refreshing drink and hardly 10 minutes. You read it right!! It’s the time for some colourful summer fruits and what can be more perfect than this simple and quick watermelon slushy with added Indian … Continue reading

2 Ingredient Rose Milk Popsicle-Frozen Summer Dessert

Easy popsicle idea with Rose Milk if you wish to try something different with your regular rose syrup flavoured milk. I am sure everybody in your house will love this idea and it will be a hit with the energetic … Continue reading

Heinou Athumba Thongba-A Simple Manipuri Styled Sweet and Sour Mango Relish

The season’s unripe mangoes right into this recipe, Manipuri Heinou Athumba Thongba from my little chakhum for one and all. A humble sweet and sour relish with really sour mangoes. Continue reading

Manipuri Styled Moong Hawai Thongba With Meitei Bori-A Pure Vegetarian Yellow Lentil Delight

A no onion garlic yellow lentil recipe for you all Manipuri styled Moong Hawai Thongba with Manipuri Bori, which I had to dig out from my draft folder, all thanks to my dear friend Alka Jena, who had been pushing … Continue reading

Sindhi Coconut Juice-By Chanda Ramchandani

Tender coconut water is a natural fruit drink that helps fight dehydration and stomach related ailments during summer. Happy to share a traditional Sindhi Coconut Juice recipe shared by a dear friend Chanda Ramchandani. Unfortunately she isn’t much active on … Continue reading